More than a marketplace

HouseME, through a unique auction mechanism, connects verified landlords to quality and creditworthy tenants. We create efficiency by not only obtaining the fair market price, but also by providing both parties with ongoing support services for the duration of the lease. Do everything you ever wanted your agency to do, right from your desktop.

Why Use HouseME

We serve landlords who previously used online classifieds. We also serve landlords who in the past relied on agencies to protect their investment. So what made these clients move to HouseME?

FREE tenant screening
Never worry about a tenant again. We vet and ensure only the best tenants access your property. Without fuss. Without cost.

FREE rental guarantee
We’re so confident in our screening process that if for some incredible reason a HouseME tenant defaults, you’re still covered. We’ll take the hit.

Auction-mechanism for rentals
HouseME provides you a mechanism to auction your property rentals – ensuring market-related yields are achieved and maximising your return.

Tenant rating system
We allow you to objectively rate your tenant. Which not only incentivises their behaviour, but also means we truly are building a base of the best tenants in the market.

Expert maintenance services
We pass on an exclusive discount for all of FixForward’s services. They offer trusted, professional, reviewed tradesmen.

HouseME offers all these benefits, AND, for far less than what is offered anywhere else.

Need Further Convincing?

We believe in transparency. So here are a few of our stats* to overcome that inertia holding you back:

We have 100% success rate
Every single property listed on HouseME has had a tenant call it home within 10 days.

On average we achieve ~10% yield increase via auction
The rental market is competitive and so-called experts with years of experience often underrate market demand.

Our case studies are incredible
Every now and again we really hit the lights out. A recent deal increased the landlord’s yield by 25%.

We have world-class partners in our value chain
We don’t just connect you to a tenant. We look after you, end to end. And our incredible partners are here to do the same.

List with us and be rewarded.
*September 2016

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